rt1In February 1990, George FLOROI had, by chance, the opportunity to receive, from the painter Dan Carbunaru’s family, the Regulation of the RT in France. “Ghitza” Floroi looked for the future members, who gathered in march 1990 in order establish their own Regulation. After the formatting meeting, he sent a letter to the Round Table in Versailles to announce the event. A RT nr.6 Versailles delegation made up of Claude GRUENENBERGER and Werner BLESSING came to Brasov on the 6th – 7th May to visit the developing RT. This opportunity was used to talk about the principles of the Round Table and the chartering ceremony in the new club. “Ghitza” FLOROI was invited to the AGM of the French Round Table and to a statutory meeting of the club in Versailles.

In 1 – 2 June Gheorghe Floroi, Romica Badea, Ioan Damoc participated at the AGM France (Cannes). These visits and meetings of the developing Round Table prepared the ceremony of the RT 1 Brasov (by RT 6 Versailles, France).

On the 13th of October 1990, 65 delegates from France, Denmark and Israel gathered in Poiana Brasov (Telefric Hotel) to assist at the chartering ceremony.

After the chartering, the first international contact of a Romanian tabler (besides Ghita Floroi) was made by Dorel Cerbu who participated as IRO at the European and Mediterannean Meeting (the future EMATM) in Athens (Greece) thus meeting tablers from Europe, the Near East and Africa.

Charter day : 13.10.1990, by TR 6 VERSAILLES (France)

Meeting place : „ La Ceaun Tihnit ”, Str. Michael Weiss nr. 27, Braşov


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