Welcome to Round Table Romania

We believe in bringing about change and excellence in ourselves and our community.

Our motto is Adopt, Adapt, Improve and we bring young men aged between 18 and 40 [or 18 and 45] together, to challenge, inspire and learn from each other. We share ideas openly with trust, and empower each individual to make a positive impact at home, work and in his community.

We call it Tabling and we do this locally where we meet regularly. We plan and organise meetings and events for ourselves and others that focus on personal development, fun & fellowship and community service. Together we form an international network of bright young men.

We are Round Table. One World, One Table.

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Tablers Adopt


Tablers adopt the situation that is given and methods that have proved so sound in the past.


Tablers Adapt


Tablers adapt the situation to the changing needs of the time.


Tablers improve


Wherever possible, Tablers improve the situation, them selves and people around them.

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The Round Table Romania stands for:

The aims & objectives of Round Table Romania

  • To foster fellowship between young men through their professional and social activities.
  • To encourage activity and a sense of responsibility through development of the highest ideals both in the civil as in the professional field.
  • To promote and extend cooperation, friendship and understanding between nations and people.
  • To further the Round Table movement worldwide.

The Association achieves its aims & objects through the organisation of meetings, conferences, debates and other similar activities where discrimination, whether political, religious, linguistic or racial is forbidden.

No strangers here, only friends you haven’t met yet!

As a member of Round Table, you’ve got the unique opportunity to meet over 30.000 new friends world wide. You will find them from the plains of Africa to the favelas of Brazil. From the mountains of Nepal to the skyline of New York. Round Table is a worldwide organisation, so don’t hesitate to get a taste of its magnitude. There are lots of options to experience Round Table on an international level. Whether you’re interested in traditional events such as AGM’s or number meetings, or you just prefer to improvise, you’ll discover your next destination here!

National Service Project

supporting the community.

A non-formal educational solution for children, a partnership for the school and local organizations.

Non-formal project for primary school children, in collaboration with middle schools, with the aim of giving children the opportunity to learn by playing.

Help modernize a school with a simple donation.