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In February 1990, George FLOROI had, by chance, the opportunity to receive, from the painter Dan Carbunaru’s family, the Regulation of the RT in France. “Ghitza” Floroi looked for the future members, who gathered in march 1990 in order establish their own Regulation. After the formatting meeting, he sent a letter to the Round Table in Versailles to announce the event. A RT6 Versailles delegation made up of Claude GRUENENBERGER and Werner BLESSING came to Brasov on the 6 – 7 May to visit the developing RT.
This opportunity was used to talk about the principles of the Round Table and the chartering ceremony in the new club. “Ghitza” FLOROI was invited to the AGM of the French Round Table and to a statutory meeting of the club in Versailles.
In 1 – 2 June Gheorghe Floroi, Romica Badea, Ioan Damoc participated at the AGM France (Cannes). These visits and meetings of the developing Round Table prepared the ceremony of the RT 1 Brasov (by RT 6 Versailles, France).
On the 13 of October 1990, 65 delegates from France, Denmarkth and Israel gathered in Poiana Brasov (Telefric Hotel) to assist at the chartering ceremony.
After the chartering, the first international contact of a Romanian tabler (besides Ghita Floroi) was made by Dorel Cerbu who participated as IRO at the European and Mediterannean Meeting (the future EMATM) in Athens (Greece) thus meeting tablers from Europe, the Near East and Africa.


The chartering of the MR 3 Timisoara, on the 22th of February, by the RT 2 Dorobeta Turnu Severin, paved the way for the founding of the Romanian Round Table Association, an association registered by Gheorghe Paraipan in Sacele. In the same year, RT 5 Sacele (by RT 1 Brasov) and RT 6 Brasov (by RT 1 Brasov and RT 30 Dunkerque-France) were chartered and Dumitru Bociu contacted the 7th Area –Terre de Chouans, France. In June, Benone Croitru at the AGM France (Lille).


The MR 4 Suceava was chartered (by MR 1 Brasov and TR 139 Marcq en Baroeul-France) and we took part at the Euro RT 5 (Nicosia, Cyprus). During the same year, the RT 2 Drobeta Turnu Severin club fraternized with the RT 222 Tarbes (France). George Petrescu participated at the National Committee RT France (Lille) in September of the RT Romania (Gheorghe Floroi and Francis Depauw-France) were elected at the AGM Romania (Paraul Rece).


Marius Luchian participated at the EMATM Tel Avivi (Israel) and at the French National Committee of the Round Table – Remis.
Other 2 romanian clubs were founded: RT 7 Oradea (by MR 6 Brasov and TR310 Aire sur la Lys – France) and RT 10 Bucuresti (by MR 1 Brasov and RT 637 Pembroke – RTBI). Mihai Gyapjas took part at the Euro 10 Brighton (England) and at the International Committee RTBI (Birmingham). Our delegates (Ioan Tataru, Virgil Vilcu, Eduard Varzaru, George Petrescu, Paul Balan, Dorel Covasa) assisted at the chartering of the RT 1 Kiev (Ukraine) together with 123 foreign guests. Ioan Tataru and Virgil Valcu also participated at the AGM Swetzerland (Nyon).


The club RT 8 Craiova (by RT Dr.Tr.Severin and RT 61 Oudenaaere-Belgium) and RT 9 Campulung Muscel (by RT 4 Suceava and RT 19 Tourcoing-France) were chartered. Then Dan Souca paricipated at the AGM France (Deauville) and Dumitru Boicu and Constantin Cismaru at the AGM Switzerland (Interlaken).
A strong delegation made of Dan Biclesanu, Dan Popa, Ruslan Oprescu, Victor Pana, Augustin Corneanu, Mircea Oprescu, Danut Aribasoiu, Gheorghe Nuta, Gabriel Oprescu, Mugurel Majina took part at the AGM Hohland. Moreover, Dan Souca and Mihai Gyajas were present at the IRO’s Meeting (Nicosia, Cypre) (first candidature of RT Romania – IRO’s Meeting 1997). A humanitary project consisted in transporting supplied from the clubs RT 326 and LC Ashbourne to the Gynecology and Obstetrics Hospital. At an international level as well, the tablers met at the Euro 11 (Brugge, Belgium) and Mihai Gyapjas participated at the National Committee RT Belgium (Brussels). Dezideriu Bodis and George Petrescu were present at the AGM Germany (Munich), George Petrescu participated at the AGM Hungary (Budapest) as well.


The tablers Viorel Seredenciuc and George Petrescu assisted at the AGM Austria-Vienna. At the IRO’s Meeting in Budapest (Hungary), Mihai Gyapjas and Remus Dancea forwarded Romania’s candidature for the IRO’s Meeting 1998. Ruslan Oprescu and George Petrescu were present at the AGM RT Finland (Juvaskula).

Dan Souca paricipated at the SEM Arlon (Belgium). The RT 4

Suceava and RT 43 Teramo (Italy) fraternized. Mihai Gyapjas took part at the AGM Belgium (Leoven) and Adrian Verde met the tablers of RT 9 Ultrecht and RT 83 Einhoven in Holland. Our tablers were also present at the Euro RT  8 (Gaz, Austria) and the Euro RT 10 (Lappeeranra, Finland) ant the club RT 11 Brasov was chartered by RT 5 Sacele and RT 11 Villach-Austria.


The year begins with an important event: the affiliation to the third SEM during the meeting held in Sienna (Italy) on the 20 – 23 of February.

After the chartering of an important club RT 12 Galati (by RT 9 Campulung Muscel and RT  43 Teramo-Italy), the long row

participations at international events continues at the IRO’s Meeting Gdansk (Poland) where Dumitru Boicu and Remus Dancea forwarded Romania’s candidature for the IRO’s Meeting 1999 (we lost however to our colleagues in the USA). Mihai Gyapjas was present at the AGM RTBI (Scarborough). Dan Souca  participated at the AGM France (Belfort). Adrian Verde at the AGM Germany (Bielefeld), Dumitru Boicu at the AGM Switzerland (Neuchatel) thus meeting tablers of the RT 6 (Neuchatel), RT 12 (Sion), RT 2 (Geneva), RT 36 (Locarno), RT 14 (Chur). Another twinning between RT 6 Brasov and RT 6 Limassol, Cypre took place. The Euro RT 10 was held in

Bucharest – Romania. The project „The children of Brasov”, organized in association with the „tablettes” in Laval (France), continued at the Orphanage in Homorod. Then, RT Romania and The Ladies Circle 3 Brasov developed a project in Belgium with the children of a musical school.


A year fielled with meetings: Dumitru Boicu, Remus Dancea,Nicolae Borcea participated at the SEM held in Lausanne(Switzerland) in February, while in April, Mihai Gyapjas was present at the Euro RT 10 at Mass Tour and at the AGM ARTSA (Durban, South Africa). In May, Nicolae Borcea was present at the AGM RTBI – Birmingham and in June Mihai Gyapjas participated at the AGM

Germany, Schwerin, as well as at the EMATM, La Rochelle (France) together with Dumitru Boicu and Remus Dancea. It was there that Mihai Gyapjas’s candidature for Secretary EMA  was forwarded.

Adrian Verde went to Mass Tour – Germany and the tablers from the RT 1 and RT 11 were present at the Euro Ski Meeting (Kitzbuhel, Austria). Mihai Gyapjas also assited at the AGM (Kuften, Austria). The French Caravanas from RT 222 Tabes came to Romania, thus meeting tablers from RT 2, RT 3, RT 7, RT 8, RT 10.

The first chartering of a foreign club (RT 7 Becrecen) was made by the RT 7 Oradea. And, of course, Romanian tablers participated at the Euro RT  8 (Frankfurt, Germany), the Euro 10 (Aberdeen, Scotland), the Euro RT 6 (Landskrona, Sweden) during an Euro Bike Tour through several countries.


In February, Nicolae Borcea and Remus Dancea were at the Sem – Laval (France). In spring we participated at the AGM Switzerland, at the AGM Austria-Seckau/Graz (Mihai Gyapjas), at the AGM Germany-Weiden (Nicolae Borcea), the AGM Rennes-France (Adrian Verde, Dan Tirlescu, Toma Lazar). The 1 Region Brasov and the 18th Region Corse-Cote d’Azur (France) made the first twinning at a regional level. A great number of meetings between tablers: at the Euro RT 1 (Bruxelles, Belgium), the Euro RT 6 (Riihimaki, Finland), the Euro RT 8 (Craiova, Romania), the Euro RT 11 (Brasov, Romania), the Euro RT 12 (Leibnitz, Austria).


A new generation of tablers overtook the strains of command of the Romanian RT Association. Therefore Ovidiu Dumitru and Leon Popovici were present at the EMATM (Paphos, Cypre) and Cornel Covasa at the IRO’s Meeting (Malta). A twinning between RT 4 Suceva and RT 174 Hossegor-Cap Breton (France) fallowed. Radu Bucur’s visit to the RT 6 Washington and the RT 5 Chicago (USA) paved the way for new contacts over the Atlantic. We participated in large number at the Euro RT 6 (Brasov, Romania), Euro RT 8 (Liverpool, England), Euro RT 11 (Stourbridge-Brierley Hill, RTBI), Euro RT 12 (Bruxeles, Belgium)  and the chartering of the RT 8 Gyor (Hungary). After 3 years from the last foundation of a Romanian RT club, 2 new clubs were chartered this year: RT 14 Cluj-Napoca (by MR 1 Brasov and RT 14 Chur-Switzerland) and RT 15 Slatina (by MR 8 Craiova and RT 15 Burgdof-Switzerland).

In autumn, the second RT Romania Area was founded (2  Area – Oltenia). The RT 6 Brasov together with the 2  Area (Italy) continued the programme of supporting the Codlea Orphanage.


Dan Filipescu and Dorel Covasa’s presents at the SEM (Luxembourg) as well the Dan Filipescu presence at the EMATM (Heming-Danmark) in June played an important part in promoting the RT Romania in the international elite.

A series of participations at the Euro RT 1 (Lausanne, Switzerland), Euro RT 4 (Luxembourg), Euro RT 6 (Parnu, Estonia), Euro RT 8 (Nicosia, Cypre), Euro RT 11 (Lorient, France), Euro RT 12 (Lucerna, Switzerland), Euro RT 15 (Wuppertal, Germany). After 10 years Dorel Covasa pepresented us at the AGM RTI and WOCO Conference (Eugene, Oregon, USA).

Special contacts were established by Radu Bucur’s visit at the RT 64 (Working, England) and by the presence of tablers at the RT 9 club in Mass Tour Germany (Toma Lazar, Adrian Verde, Dan Matei, Adrian Tirlescu)


By the end of spring, a large delegation participated at the AGM Farnce-Laval (Ruslan Oprescu, Dorin Sandu, Adrian Nitulescu, Cristian Sandulescu, Victor Vasile, Leo Brandusoiu, Ilie Silviu, Paul Darac, Octavian Bunica, Victor Coneschi, Sorin Ilea, Constantin Facalet Ghinea, Marius Fluturas). Two days before, the 2nd Area Oltenia fraternized with the 2nd Area Bretagne (France).

Gheorghe Farkas was present at the AGM Hungary-Balaton Lake. We participated also at the meetings of Euro RT 1 (Reikjavik, Island), Euro RT  6 (Limassol, Cypre), Euro RT 8 (Port-Elizabeth, South Africa), Euro RT 11 (Vevey, Switzerland), Euro RT 12 (Rimini, Italy).

In June, at the EMATM (Verona, Italy) Cristian Sandulescu continued to promote the Romanian RT in the international elite.


During spring Daniel Irina represented RT Romania at two AGMs of our neighbours (AGM Bulgaria-Plovdiv and AGM Hungary- Balaton Lake). Cristian Sandulescu met RTBI tablers in Bucharest and, in June, was present at the great AGM Belgium-Gent. Horia Ologu-Guja  participated at EMATM (Lusanne-Switzerland).

The Euro RT 12 was held in Galati-Romania.

In July, a project consisted in transporting school materials supplied from the club RT 549 Banbridge (Ireland) to modernize few College from Romania (Craiova, Brasov, Slatina, Dr. Tr. Severin) was administrated by RT Romania.

In November, the participations of RT Romania at international

events continued, Dorin Ilian Sandu was our representant to IRO’s Meeting-Gibraltar.


Dan Nicolau participated in spring (March) at SEM, hold by TR 149 Les Sables d’Olonne (France). In the first days of May, in the „seven hills city”-Rome, took place the Twinning between RT 8 Craiova and TR 2 Rome (Italy).

At AGM Plovdiv – Bulgaria participated Adrian Morar.

Romanian tablers was present, too, at Euro RT 1 (Malta), Euro RT 6 Versailles (France – 30 th anniversary), Euro RT 12 (Emden Leer, Germany).

In September, to the most important international meeting (till now) in Romania, of a service club (over 300 persons ), Ladies Circle International Conference – Bucharest, were participated the tablersBogdan Manea, Ruslan Oprescu, Ovidiu Ungureanu.

In October, to the Banube Tabler Meeting – Budapest (Hungary), RT Romania was present, for the first time (Bogdan Manea and Camillo Popescu).

A month later, in November, at IRO’s Meeting – Reikjavik (Island), participated Cristian Iacob.


EuroOne – EURO RT 1 was held at Brasov (Romania). The first National Footbal Championship, in the history of RT Romania, took place in the RT 9 Campulung Muscel organisation.In summer, at the EMATM (Tallin, Estonia), the representtive of RT  Romania, Dan Nicolau clarified financial aspect and the position of our club in the Eurupean area.

In September, Camilo Popescu and Dumitru Popescu paricipated at the Danube Tabler Meeting (Ingolstadt, Germany) obtaining, for the next year, Galati (Romania) as city host.

In November, at the World IRO’s Meeting (Athens, Greece) – Victor Coneschi – National IRO, together with other 2 romanian tablers (Dorin Sandu-National VicePresident,Cristian Buzatu- National Secretary) obtained an excellent result for RT Romania, the choise of our country as host for organise in 2007, the World IRO’s Meeting.

At National Committee NC Craiova, NC Suceava and NC Slatina were established the main principles for a strong modifications of RT Romania structure. The fact was voted in autumn, at the AGM RT Romania, held in Galati.


Unfortunately it was a not such a good year in the history of Round Table Romania, as several Round Table clubs were closed.

However, there were also good parts, especially the Romanian participation to Euromeetings, EMA  Malta and IRO’s Meeting San Marino, as well as the development of certain actions for the reconstitution of the club in the capital city of the country, Bucharest.

In September this year, an international event took place in Galaţi, Danube Tablers Meeting, with a good international and national attendance.

Another accomplishment  is  the interest  and increasing involvement of the local clubs in social projects in the community’s interest.


This year was characterized by a large participation of the Romanian Round Table clubs to international events: RTI, AGM Cyprus, Euromeetings and Danube Tablers Meeting, their presence being on the increase to international events.

An important event was the recharting of Round Table 10 in Bucharest, in May, the result of the initiative and effort of some old tablers settled in Bucharest. However, the event of the year was the successful organization and numerous attendance (19 countries, EMA Chairman, RTI Vice-Chairman and IRO ARTSA) of the World IRO’s Meeting, at its third edition, in Braşov, between the 15th and the 17th of November.

This was the most notable Round Table International event held in Romania. No AGM took place this year, the date being changed from autumn to spring for a better consistency with the international calendar.


This year the limit age for members was set at 45, decision taken after an intense debate within the Round Table.

The Romanians were highly represented at international events. The members of the National Board and not only took part to EMA Sweden, RTI AGM Thailand, IRO’s Meeting Netherlands. The Romanian clubs participation to Euromeetings has already become common.


It was an year of consolidation of Romanian Round Table. The event of the year, no doubt about it, will be the reactivation of Round Table number 11 from Brasov, to be charted in November during the National Comitee meeting in Brasov. This year, it is marked the closing of RT 7 Oradea. There are new groups in Sibiu and Cluj-Napoca interested in tabling. It was identified the necessity of active measures to develop RTR, to growth the number of members and clubs. It could be observed the numerous participation to national and international events. The most notable participations of RTR to international events are EMATM 2009 Suriname, RTIWM 2009 Altmar – Netherlands and IRO’S Meeting 2009 Israel.


The year 2010 is one of celebration for Round Table Romania as there are 20 years since the chartering of the first club in Romania – RT 1 Braţov; the ceremony will take place in Braţov and will be largely attended by members of Club 41 and founders of RTR, during the National Committee held by MR 1 between September 30 – October 3.

2010 is also marked by the preparations for the organisation of EMATM which shall take place in Braţov in 2011. In order to ensure a better participation to Braţov, the Romanian Tablers were present at many international meetings in 2009-2010, being mainly represented by IRO Dragos Chiriţă and culminating with the participation of a seven-person delegation in EMATM 2010, Italy.

Concerning the relationships between the members of the association, this is a year of consolidation and integration of the great number of newcomers. However, there were also heated debates on topics such as moving the talks of the famous RTR mail group from Yahoo.com to the national site forum www.roundtable.ro or measures for developing and strengthening RTR.

We also notice a significant drop in the number of members of certain local clubs, issue discussed in CN and AGM meetings and considered a priority by the National Board.


This year, RTR organized EMATM, the second most important event at international level. The event took place in Braţov and was a real success. It was attended by 180 tablers from 24 countries. The atmosphere and the reactions subsequent to the event entitle us to say that the guests appreciated the organization and that they will gladly come to Romania on other occasions.

Dragos Chirita was nominated the “Tabler of the Year” at the RTI meeting in Bremenhaven, Germany. This distinction, which honors and binds at the same time, crown Dragos’ involvement at international level.

Other aspects to be noticed in 2011 are the recharting of RT5

Săcele, as well as the reactivation of RT4 Suceava which will organize the November CN.


AGM 2012 was held in Galati in organized by the Round Table 12. The event was attended by the President of RTI, Stijn De Frene.

Round Table 6 Brasov organized the NC in September 2012 and charting the Round Table no. 13 Galati together with Round Table 1, Round Table 5 and Round Table 11. At the same time it celebratesThe 20 th aniverssary years.

Vlad Stefan and Sorin Petcu participated in EMATM in Brussels. Dragos Chirita participated in several international meetings.

Stefan Vlad was present at the AGM France.

RT 12 held The Euromeeting 12 to Galati and Bucharest RT 10, The Euromeeting 10. RT 6 participated in Limassol, Cyprus at the Euromeeting 6.

Round Table 12 organized in November the NC in Galati.

Dragos Chirita candidate for Vice President of RTI.

Round Table Romania continues the Christmas Presents social project with the support of of RT 10 and the German Round Table.

RT 13 is has organize a Christmas Charity event in Galati.

RT 9 Campulung Muscel has closed her activity.


2013 is the year when new RTR badge was adopted.

Participation for international events is overwhelming, NB members are present in almost all RTI major events.

Ionut Gliga, Dragos Chitita and Ilian Sandu went to RTI World Meeting which took place in Valence, France.

Dragos Chirita went to Islanda to IRO’s Meeting and EMATM, in Plovdiv. In Bulgaria were also Sorin Avram and Stefan Vlad.

National IRO went to AGM Malta, AGM Israel, AGM France, CTM Stirling, Europeone Meeting Luxemburg.

Ilian Sandu went to AGM 2013 RT Italia and STM 2013 Riva del Garda, Italia.

In June, Ionut Jercan, Dan Nicolau, Mihai Balan, Lucian Gheorghe went to Reykjavik, Island Euromeeting 12.

Tablers from RT 2, RT 12 and RT 13 went in september to Danube Tabler’s Meeting in Regensburg (Iulian Cristian Bosoanca, Alexandru Bazavan, Catalin Stancu, Virgil Marin, Sergiu Sarbulescu, Gigi Negrescu, Luigi Brandusescu, Traian Tunescu, Lucian Gheorghe, Octav Calin, Daniel Mihai, Claudiu Nastase, Alexandru Chivu).

Alexandru Chivu participated to AGM Holand.

In September Ben Kocsis, Florin Rata, George Marin, Gabi Aur, Catalin Stefanescu from RT 13 joined participants for National Sporting Weekend, England.

2013 National AGM was held in Brasov, organized by RT 11. At this event was also present RTI Secretary, Mark Nichols.