Round Table is about having fun, making friends, learning new skills, and helping your local community.

History of Round Table Romania

In February 1990, George FLOROI […] looked for the future members, who gathered in march 1990 in order establish their own Regulation. After the formatting meeting, he sent a letter to the Round Table in Versailles to announce the event. […] On the 13 of October 1990, 65 delegates from France, Denmark and Israel gathered in Poiana Brasov (Telefric Hotel) to assist at the chartering ceremony.

Round Table Romania National Board

Meet the present and past members of the Round Table Romania board.

Round Table International

Round Table is organised in more than 65 countries with in total 54 associations. Some associations contain more than one country. In total we have over 2.275 clubs and around 30.000 members world wide. Find more about the structure and history of the international organisation.

Sister Organizations

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