Thirty years ago, on October 13, 1990, in a time that did not differ much from what we have outside now, a group of knights, who were boys at the time, did an exceptional thing:
They mapped the first Round Table club in Romania!
It was not an easy task, given that the recent exit from the communist shadow did not offer special tools in this regard, and the technology and communication with the French godfathers was made much more difficult than today.
However, the event and its realization were impeccable and as you can see, the human quality was unique, because many of those who are no longer boys, are still among the knights with solid principles and carry on the story of the Round Table Romanian.
Thanks to everyone for what the Romanian Round Table is today.
And for those who do not remember or the youngest who did not get to meet the people who made this possible or some of the objects that were part of the mapping of the first Round Table club in Romania, we created a album with some images from the archives.