On the beautiful Danube in Galați city on 22 September 2012 Round Table 13 Galați was born. The international godparents’ RT 6 Versailles (RT France) and national godparents the clubs from Brașov.
In the first years of its existence, RT 13 was a very active club. Many community services in Galati were led by the RT 13, including a project in which the local football team FC Otelul Galati was involved. At that time the football team was the Romanian Champions and they were playing in Champions League. On 17-19 June, 2016 RT 13 organized RT 13 World Meeting (numbers meeting club with number 13). After this meeting, the club was in a regression for several years but never closed. Starting with 2020 the club began to re-involve in social projects, to unite themselves and they managed to have consistent participation in the nationals events. The progress of the club is obvious and it will be a short time until they will reach full involvement in the Round Table movement.