Brașov is a city in Transilvanya , Romania and the administrative center of Brașov County. It is located in the central part of the country, surrounded by the peaks of the Southern Carpathian Mountains and resplendent with gothic, baroque and renaissance architecture, as well as a wealth of historical attractions, Brașov is one of the most visited places in Romania.
Was founded by the Teutonic Knights in 1211 on an ancient Dacian site and settled by the Saxons. Throughout the time, were used simultaneously the German name, Kronstadt, as well as its Latin name, Corona, meaning Crown City (hence, the coat of arms of the city which is a crown with oak roots).
The city of Brașov features Saxon walls and bastions, as well as expansive Council Square, ringed by colorful baroque buildings, the towering Gothic Black Church, the First Romanian School (first school where Romanian language was used in teaching), Tâmpa Mountain. Nearby is Poiana Brașov, the most popular and largest ski resort in Romania.
Brasov is the hometown of three Round Table clubs: Round Table 1 Brasov, Round Table 6 Brasov and RoundTable 11 Brasov.
The Round Table 6 Brașov club was chartered on 24th of October 1992, with the support of its „godfathers” Round Table 1 Braşov (Romania) and Table Ronde 30 Dunkerque (France), this past weekend celebrating 28 years of existence.
Happy Birthday Round Table 6 Brașov!
During the time, Round Table 6 Brașov supported the local community life through different projects. Also supported the development of Round Table Romania by chartering Round Table 7 Oradea, Round Table 13 Galati and re-chartering Round Table 11 Brașov.
The #edelweiss flower was chosen to be used on the Round Table 6 Brașov logo representing the admiration of the people for the surrounding nature and tall mountains where it grows, as well for what the flowers symbolize: delicate but yet strong.
With current 13 active members, bonded by strong friendship and guided by strong principles, Round Table 6 Brașov has a great potential for continuous growth and improvement. Among the events organized by Round Table 6 Brașov it can be mentioned the already traditional King’s Arthur Bowling Cup and the Ski-meeting, good opportunities to strengthen the connections with other club members and spend quality fun time together with families and dear ones.