Starting this week we will present weekly for the next 15 weeks each active club of RT Romania.
There is no other city in Romania that expresses as well the history of Romania, the Romanian culture, education, and traditions as Iasi. It can be said that the iconic city of Iași is a real national museum, through the treasures of history and art that it has through a large number of monasteries, museums, memorial houses. The “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi is the first university born in modern Romania. It is no wonder that the largest Romanian banknote (500 lei) has on it the library building in Iasi, and if you think that Gustave Eiffel worked only in Western Europe you are wrong. The oldest and the most iconic hotel in Iasi was build according to the projects of the famous French engineer. Nowadays Iasi is the regional center of Moldavia and one of the most important and biggest cities in Romania, and with a big airport easy to get.
In such a town Round Table should always be present, so on 14.11.2015 RT 18 Iasi was born with the support of RT 4 Suceava (Romania) and RT 18 Wiesbanden (Germany). With such amount of universities and important academic activity, it is no wonder that most of the members are working the educational system and they are involved in educational and social projects. In only 5 years RT 18 has achieved almost everything: National Vice-president, Tabler of the year RT Romania, Table of the year 2017/2018 of Central and Eastern European Region and, the most important, they were the organizers of CTEEM in 2018 and they chartered RT 1 Chișinau- Republic of Moldova together with RT 117 Hannover (Germany). And if you want to steal our effects you guess right our Shopkeeper is from Iași.
RT 18 Iași is a truly amazing club!