We continue with our clubs presentation week 2.
Situated in the historical region of Bukovina (Suceava county)- one of the capital of the Principality of Moldavia in the Middle Ages, then part of Austrian Empire until 1918, Suceava city it is now the biggest city in Suceava county and the capital of this region.
Bukovina is one of the most visited regions in Romania because of its medieval fortifications and The Painted churches of northern Moldavia and their monasteries which are inscribe by UNESCO on its list of World Heritage Sites .In 2018, Suceava County was designated „European destination of excellence” by the European Commission. The region it is truly iconic place for Romanians and Romanian history. Suceava is served by the Suceava International “Ştefan cel Mare” Airport so it is easy to get in the north of Romania.
RT 4 Suceava was chartered in 10.04.1993 and since then it was never closed, also being the 3 oldest club in RT Romania, RT4 chartered new clubs in our country the last being RT 22 Sibiu. In the 90s the club had almost 30 members, and it is no surprise that in Suceava there are two Club 41. RT 4 it is now a very active club, most of the members are travelers, and there is no event where you cannot find them, and also good organizers often RT Romania has meeting in Suceava.