Located on the right border of the Danube river, at the confluence of the rivers Prut and Siret, the city of Galati is one of the biggest cities in Romania.
Due to being located at the border of three historical regions, Dobrogea, Muntenia and Moldavia, the city of Galati has known a prosperous development even from the most ancient times. The free access to the Danube river and the acquisition of the “free port” reputation has helped facilitate the access of a great number of merchants, which lead to an increase in the ethnical and cultural diversity.
A victim in the Second World War, even though the city has lost its historical charm, there are a variety of monuments that survived the period, which reveal the interethnic cohabitation of its inhabitants: the Precista Fortified Church, the Catholic Church, the Synagogue, the Executory Palace, the Palace of Navigation, the Children’s Palace or the Palace of the University.
Moreover, in Galati was built the first statue of the national poet Mihai Eminescu, the Botanical Garden and the Danube Riverfront offer oases of greenery and relaxation to both its inhabitants and its tourists.
Nowadays, the city of Galati accommodates three round table clubs: RT12, RT13 and RT19. The most recent club, RT19, was charted in September 2016 by its „godfathers” RT19 Deutschlandsberg-Austria and RT12 Galati-Romania, when a group of young people have adopted the round table principles, adapted to them and they are trying to improve up to this day the local communitary life through the project they implement.
The RT19 members travel frequently through the country or abroad, in order to participate with great interest in different national and international events.
The principle that has helped found RT19 is the dedication of its members to both the RT principles and the true, loyal friendship.