Bucharest, “City of Joy”, according to the etymology of the name, is the capital of our country. Populated by roughly 2.5 million people, Bucharest is the birthplace of RT21, if we do not take into account the good times spent by our founding members at the thermal baths in Căciulata, disturbing the elderly.
Legends say that the “Little Paris” was named after a shepherd called Bucur, which is not to be doubted, given that Romanians really love sheep meat. Another loved Romanian dish, “mici”, was invented in Bucharest, in the famous Old Town.
We have the second largest administrative building in the world, right after the Pentagon from the US. The Palace of Parliament or the House of the People is also the most expensive and heaviest building in the world.
Bucharest is a sort of land of opportunities, bringing together our entire nation, Transylvanians, Moldavians and Southerners.
This is where our club was chartered in 2017, with our godfathers from Masa Rotunda 1 Brașov, and Table Rond 1 Paris. We are a well knit group of young people, we love to do good with our social projects and also have a lot of fun, good times and create beautiful memories.
We are sort of the new guys on the block and we are not planning on going anywhere.